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  The cardinal water sign of Cancer indicates a nature that is impressionable and sympathetic, able to listen patiently, but when feelings are hurt, very moody and irritable. Sensitive feelings and emotions are kept protected behind a hard exterior shell, just like the crab.
Cancers are protective, traditional, and emotional. Cancer is probably the most emotional of all the signs. This makes Cancers romantic and shy. Sometimes Cancers can be aggressive in getting what they want. They like extremes: they can be joyful and melancholic in a short period of time. The heart of their personality is sensitivity. They take everything very personally. Cancers will find their security in their families.
Cancer attractions:   Pisces, Scorpio
Cancer colors:   while, pale colors
Cancer stones:   Pearl
Cancer plants:   water lilies, rushes
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The Moon keeps changing, not even the same two nights in a row. It revolves around the Earth once a month. Women's menstrual cycles are associated with the lunar rhythm, putting them closer to the subconscious realms of the Moon. The Moon is the key to our feelings and emotional cycles for both man and woman. The Moon symbolizes our basic needs as the key planet of Cancer.
The fourth house relates to the mother. It is where we are nurtured and takes in not only our real mother but also all those who nurture us, especially in the early days of our life. This is the house of childhood surroundings. It is where we retreat from the noise of the external world. It denotes your sub-conscious memories and fears of childhood.
In astrology, the water element stands for emotions. The cycle of water never ends with the snow falling in the mountains and then melting. The mountain streams team up to make great rivers that join the sea. The tides and currents foam the oceans. In the same way our feelings are constantly flowing as they connect the present with past experiences. Sometimes the waters are so deep that feelings cannot be articulated.

The water represents changing tides. But this is also about the water of a evenly surfaced lake. No movement is clear, yet beneath the surface there is movement, currents and hidden activity.
The ability to nurture others is your biggest strength.
Fear of the bygone days coming back to the future weakens you the most.
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