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  Sagittarius has energetic and active personality. People carrying this sign what to know everything and everyone. They are also like to travel and to be close to nature. Sagittarians are optimistic, faithful, and honest. Other people often share their problems with Sagittarians to seek help and understanding.
Sagittarians are not very emotional. They adjust quickly to any environment. Sagittarians are good friends but still they keep their freedom and neutrality. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius are very curious by nature. Such curiosity makes them well educated and intelligent people. Sometimes Sagittarians can be rebellious but they can quickly calm down and return to their ordinary nature. Sagittarius are good salesmen, scientists, researcher and analysts.
Sagittarius attractions:   Aries, Capricorn
Sagittarius colors:   beige, blue, bronze
Sagittarius stones:   Yellow Sapphire
Sagittarius plants:   chestnuts, asparagus
Yellow Sapphire
Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet in our solar system. It represents expansive action. It is the king of bigger, better and more. But, as it is rightly said that too much is too bad, as it may not be necessarily good. Jupiter can encourage us to overspend or overindulge. Jupiter is like a magnifying lens which makes a small opportunity look larger than life. As the key planet of Sagittarius, Jupiter encourages us to make use of those opportunities, to live life as it comes, probably as an adventure, and to believe in something which is greater than ourselves.
A fire gives light and heat, but it doesn't get depleted as others feed on its warmth. Fire never plans its next move, it simply lives in the moment and will burn what fuel is available without any forethought. For this reason fire signs can successfully rely on their intuition and survival instincts. The fire of Sagittarius is not hot but is warming -- but that's because it's far away. It's like a light in the distance that cautions us why we are heading in a particular direction. It is this fire of inspiration whose heat can motivate the mind to dare to reach out to the wilderness.
If the third house is the House of quick trips, then the opposite Ninth House could be called as the House of long distance journeys. It is all about travel to distance land, higher education and the potential adventure that the future has in store.
Your ageless positive attitude is your strength.
Avoiding difficult situations acts as your weakness.
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