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What does your favorites colors related your starting first alphabet say about you? Your preference of first alphabet over the other can easily express your personality and character traits..
  you are basically good nature and loyal.

Your Lucky Color - Pink
  You are not only aware but also sensitive to social custom.

Your Lucky Color - parrot green
  You have a vivid imagination and lots of nervous energy.

Your Lucky Color - Grey
  You are a loyal friend and would prefer to lead a sober life.

Your Lucky Color - Blue
  you are intelligent and quick witted.

Your Lucky Color - chocolate
  You are a creative person and an egoistic of sorts.

Your Lucky Color - off White
  You are a shy person and a loner.

Your Lucky Color - Brown
  Your choice indicates your honesty and strain.

Your Lucky Color - Green
  You have a keen eye for details ,things which are normally overlooked by people.

Your Lucky Color - Orange
  You have a normal sex drive and are very emotionally attached to your family.

Your Lucky Color - Red
  You hold conservative beliefs and under stressful condition and bear good name good name in your community.

Your Lucky Color - Pink
  Your love to be represented and admired for your prudence.

Your Lucky Color - Magenta
  You are a generous soul, sincere at heart.

Your Lucky Color - White
  You have an optimistic approach to life.

Your Lucky Color - Green
  You are prone to abrupt mood swings.

Your Lucky Color - Yellow
  You have selfishness nature and sometimes have good activities.

Your Lucky Color - Purple
  You do harbor a need to help the world but you want get the dirt under your fingernails doing that.

Your Lucky Color - Black
  You have the potential to be an excellent teacher .

Your Lucky Color - Blue
  Your thoughts are clear and well organized.

Your Lucky Color - Royal Blue
  You tend to be extremely effusive in your expressions of grief.

Your Lucky Color - Green
  You have always manipulated task in your working life.

Your Lucky Color - Pink
  You are moody ,you want spare your life very smoothly.

Your Lucky Color - White
  You are good nature ,you want devoted your family life.

Your Lucky Color - Yellow
  You are extra ordinary personality , you are quite shy.

Your Lucky Color - Cream
  You have the potential to be an extra ordinary.

Your Lucky Color - Sky Blue
  Your choice indicates your strong creativity and your logical views, you are logically thinker.

Your Lucky Color - Oranges
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Kangana's Life Path Number is 6
Kangana Ranaut was born on 23rd March 1987, in Himachal Pradesh. She moved to Mumbai to try her luck in movies.
The Knowledge impresses me the most. It is a very mature, friendly advice which I get from this site.

R. Rajan
Chennai, India

I am impressed with the product range of this site. I have ordered a few reports here and they are right on the dot when it comes to accuracy.

Rajiv Kohli
London, England
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