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Moon Rashi
  An enthusiastic but impulsive nature with an independence which dislikes interference from others. Emotional temperament prone to ups and downs.
  An optimistic and positive outlook with practical ability in the handling of financial affairs. Enjoys material possessions but can become somewhat possessive in close personal relationships.
  Restless nature which will thrive on constant activity but which can be prone to over eagerness. May lacksteadfastness to stick by intentions, no matter how honourably made.
  A sensitive emotional nature which is keen to protect, showing sympathy towards others,who can become overly dependent on close family.
  A happy and optimistic disposition but can, however, become bossy in character when carried away with self-confidence and enthusiasm.
  Shy by nature and sometimes prone to periods of worry, this person is a hard worker, practical,determined. They will be concerned with detail noted for neatness.
  Charming and courteous with a strong need to please others. Harmony will be important to his or her emotional well-being.Moon will be a good host but may find decision-making difficult.
  An intense, emotional nature who will want to get the most out of life but who can be somewhat secretive. Strong emotional reactions can result in possessiveness or jealousy.
  An independent, but restless nature with a strong need for freedom and challenge and a fondness for travel which could result in frequent changes of residence.
  Emotional well-being depends a great deal on material security, if this trait is taken to the extreme, it could be to the forfeit of sharing an understanding emotional relationship.
  An original and independent nature which tends towards the unconventional and if not tamed, could become a little eccentric. A friendly and humanitarian outlook on life.
  A highly impressionable, sometimes psychic personality, Imaginative and artistic but may find it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time.
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