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12th sign of the Zodiac are divided into twenty seven equal parts, starting from the first point of Aries.
Usually they have a calm temperament.  
Have a steady mind and they seldom tell lies.  
They are inclined to enjoy fame and specially they move in high circle.  
Talented conversation alisti’s, they have an unperturbed mind.
Generally suffer from inferiority complex money comes to them easily.
Generally they are not very sincere they are giving to quick temper.
Usually claver and even cunning.
They are noble in their outlook.
Great fullness is not a quality associated with the native of Ashlesha.
  Prosperity comes to them rather easily.
  Purva Phalguni
  They make very good businessman. They suffer from unsteady mind.
  Uttara Phalguni
  They are sincere truthful and short-tempered.
They are usually prosperous in the later part of life.
They are not usually short and bright it is not unusual to find them being stingy.
Duty full and generally make excellent citizens.
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The Knowledge impresses me the most. It is a very mature, friendly advice which I get from this site.

R. Rajan
Chennai, India

I am impressed with the product range of this site. I have ordered a few reports here and they are right on the dot when it comes to accuracy.

Rajiv Kohli
London, England
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