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  The sign of Capricorn is the 10th sign of the western zodiac and is ruled by Saturn, the taskmaster. The last of the earth signs, Capricorn has a cardinal quality and these women and men are well known for being strong, tenacious, dedicated, hard working and organized.
This zodiac sign possess good leadership ability. The Capricorn zodiac symbol is the goat. Frequently wise, this sign is also characteristically ambitious and may be drawn to the finer things in life.
Capricorn attractions:   Gemini, Libra
Capricorn colors:   brown, gold, green, purple, white
Capricorn stones:   Blue Sapphire
Capricorn plants:   Chrysanthemum and Poinsettia
Blue Sapphire
The second largest planet is associated with the Capricorn. Saturn, surrounded by the rings, is etymologically tied to the word Satan. Saturn is also a planet of limitations. If we do spiritual practice, we can be rewarded by the wisdom that exists beyond the material plane. This key planet of Capricorn symbolizes that we get only what we really deserve. You may jump right into tasks without bothering about the consequences. But if you do things with integrity, your hard work will pronounce rewards.
The Tenth House is the House of the Father. It is about our work, our profession. It is where we pursue the outer world, which is often related to our career. It relates to the perception of the outer world towards us. It is in the Tenth House, that we can look for status and recognition.
The practical Earth signs depict that you cannot escape the reality. The Earth signs base their life on what is actual, not what is imagined. Sensation is valued over feeling. Earth signs are not quixotic. Their basic sensibility makes others seek their advice. For Earth signs, seeing is believing.

The Earth of Capricorn is not only of foundation but also of structure. It's about having a stable foundation and ensuring that we don't build our life on shifting sand.
Your knack in overcoming obstacles strengthens you.
Too much work and not enough play is your motto. Workaholic attitude is responsible for your weakness.
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