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The Sun Sign is so important in the chart, that the happiest people on this earth are those who identify (without over-identifying) with the Sun's expression. Though one might think that the traits of their Sun would come easy to them, the truth is, the Sun shows what we are learning to be. It is very important to remember that the Sun represents reason as opposed to instinct.
  Aries want to make a statement with their sense of fashion. They want to be noticed when they walk into a room. Aries will also make a point to let others know just how much money they spent on their outfit and what a great deal they found.
  Taurus' have a down to earth personality, so earth tones fit them best making them feel attractive and fashionable. They like to be somewhat trendy while maintaining a conservative edge.
  Gemini's like to dress and accessorize to get people talking about something they are wearing. Others may comment on the beautiful beret in their hair, those great shoes they have on or that luscious coach bag on their arm. Fashion doesn't always have to be expensive, just something to catch the attention of others to get them talking.
  These people tend to want hide behind their clothing so something loose fitting is perfect, especially loose fitting around the belly area where they may tend to hold more weight. Cancer's prefer the summer months, so flip flops and shorts are a must in their wardrobe.
  Leo's want to stand out in the crowd. Their favorite accessory is having the perfect (looking) significant other at their side, so that they can boost about and put them high upon a pedestal.
  Most Virgo's are neat, clean and well put together, but may lack the latest fashion sense. Or Virgo's can be the biggest slob of the zodiac, looking like they just crawled out of bed; unfortunately for Virgo, it's one way or the other.
  Libra's want to look pretty all the time and are into subtle things that make them feel attractive whether it's having every hair in place or wearing the highest quality of clothing they can (typically) afford. They also want their partners to have the same sense of fashion as themselves.
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